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Q. You spent 20 years in the Big House. What can you take away from that experience?

A. We only grow through challenge and adversity. I was a deeply flawed human being. I needed to go to prison to change, to develop a new moral code and to become a better person. My time behind bars was filled with sorrow, but ultimately it was a positive experience because it shaped me into the man I was capable of being.



Q. Describe your personal philosophy?

A. Everything on the planet is in a constant state of evolution, including me. A fully evolved human being is someone who embodies the Principles of Grace: kindness, humility, compassion, courage, generosity, tenacity, empathy, determination and self-discipline.



Q. What is your idea of happiness?

A. Mark Twain said that the key to being happy is to make your vocation a vacation. I have always sought that ideal. To me, enlightenment is recognizing your unique talents and passions and utilizing those gifts to enrich the lives of others or the animals or the environment. My work makes me happy.



Q. Describe your soulmate?

A. She is someone who shares my interests and spiritual beliefs. She's adventurous, outgoing and athletic. She's career and goal oriented. She's romantic, erotic, affectionate and loving. She has a quick wit and is fun to be with. She's not argumentative, jealous or judgmental. She's also not in my life right now. I'm searching for her.



Q. What is your take on death?

It’s the beginning of the next adventure. From the countless stories of near-death experience that I've read, it's clear that the soul moves on after the death of the body. If every organism on our planet is evolving, it stands to reason that our consciousness works the same way. I imagine there is some kind of life review that evaluates how much we evolved and what our next realm of existence will be. String theory postulates 11 separate dimensions. That sounds about right. Perhaps life on earth is only phase one.



Q. Where will you be in five years?

A. On a 45’ catamaran sailing around the world. I will be offering sail and learn vacations for people who are interested in the subjects I write about. I love exploring foreign countries and meeting new people. That's my Nirvana.



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John Barrett Hawkins
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