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The Dirty Nasty Truth

18 True Crime Stories & 10 Life in Prison Stories to Stop Juvenile Delinquency (bullying, youth violence, gangs, shoplifting, insurance fraud, teen drinking and drug abuse)

Penitentiary Fitness

The Amazing Weight Loss Formula or A bodyweight Exercises and Workouts Training Program

Dare To Be Successful

A Parable to Find Meaning in Life, Build Self-Confidence, Overcome Low Self-Esteem, Set Goals and Land Your Dream Job

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  • Help millions achieve their desire to lose weight, look great and feel their absolute best.


  • Create books and videos that deter delinquency and inspire teens to reach their highest potential.


  • Share success secrets that will enable people to discover their purpose in life and fulfilled their dreams.


  • Provide self-publishing guidance to thousands of writers who aspire to become published authors.


  • Provide for my family.